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Digital Cameras
Document your next construction project with a digital camera

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Photo Album Table of Contents

We have many pictures of houses, architectural styles, residential construction details, home building, decorating and design ideas on the pages of our photo album. More pictures are being added as often as possible. Most of the images are first displayed in a thumbnail format for faster previewing. Click on a small picture to see a larger image and a written description.


Should you be searching for photos of a specific type of house, or examples of a specific house style, or pictures of a particular construction detail, you might be able to find it in our House Plan Center or our Lost & Found.

If you still are unable to find the picture for which you are looking, please feel comfortable asking us to look through the photos in our office. We have many pictures which we have not yet had time to put on-line, and we always have a digital camera with us when we visit a construction site. There is a good chance that we will be able to provide you with the information that you need.














The Houses Of Iceland

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Houses Of England

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Custom Home Styles & Exterior Elevations

Here are a few examples of various house styles. You are also welcome to browse through more than ten thousand different house plans to see line drawings, exterior elevations, floorplans and photographs of other types of residential architecture and building details.


Large Luxury Custom Homes


Miscellaneous Houses

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Framing Details

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