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Homebuilders Associations, Trade Groups, Organizations & Building Societies

This page contains a collection of links to the Web sites of trade associations, industry groups, and non-profit organizations. Sites have been included on our list without regard for appearance, quality of presentation, depth of information, or ease of use. While many of theses sites are very well done, you will find some sites that have obviously been included simply because they provide a toll free phone number or an email address that will allow you to contact them for more information.

As you are researching your project, keep in mind that most of these groups exist for the express purpose of promoting their industry, their members, and/or their products. It is not merely coincidence that the main offices of the vast majority of these organizations are located in Washington DC, southern Maryland, or northern Virginia. The construction industry includes thousands of manufacturers representing billions of dollars in potential profits. Directly or indirectly, the United States Congress has the power to regulate each and every one of them.

While few will argue their self serving agenda, many trade associations maintain active research and development centers where existing products are tested and new construction technologies are developed. Additionally the members of most organizations meet on a regular basis to share their knowledge, experience, and ideas. This collective gathering of specific information is frequently available to the general public in the form of brochures, technical bulletins, and on-line documentation. If you can't find the information for which you are looking on their Web site, be sure to call or mail someone in the association directly to ask for it. After all, providing specific information and promoting their particular products is why they exist in the first place.

Should you be aware of other Web sites that could be included in this list, please send us your suggestions.



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