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Custom Mailbox Designs in Wood, Brick, and Stone

Custom Brick MailboxEven in this age of instant messaging, most people still need a mailbox as a temporary repository for credit card statements, utility bills, and Publisher Clearing House entries. Rural mailboxes in America come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. For many people, a mailbox is a reflection of their home and their lifestyle. They can be as simple as a Postmaster approved galvanized metal mailbox supported by a metal or wooden post or as extravagant as a custom built masonry structure that serves as an entrance monument to help identify a large luxury estate.

Fire hydrant mailboxIn order to provide our visitors with ideas for their own mailbox projects, we are collecting pictures of what other people have built. However, B4UBUILD your own monument to snail-mail, be sure to check with your local Post Office for specifications regarding exact placement and height above the road surface (normally 42 to 48 inches to the bottom). You should also be sure to check your covenants, deed restrictions, or local building ordinances to see what is allowable in your neighborhood. Most importantly, before you do any digging, remember to call your local utility marking service to check for buried gas, cable, telephone, and water lines.

Click on any of the thumbnail images to see the big picture.

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While we have yet to find a good book containing plans for brick or stone mailboxes, you may want to head to your local library to "check out" a few books about brick and stone masonry. Once you know the basics of building with brick, block or stone, you should be able to use the pictures provided above to design your own masonry mailbox.

If you are looking for traditional post mounted mailboxes, wall mounted mailboxes, mail slots, or novelty mailboxes, the following links may be helpful:

And, here is a link to a mailbox book, which contains photographs, drawings, and complete plans for 20 decorative mailboxes (no brick or stone mailbox plans are included in this book):

Mailboxes: 20 unique step-by-step projects - by G.E. Novak

Post-mounted mailbox projects: Bright-Eyed Cat, Droopy-Eared Dog, Funny Finny Fish, Hummingbird, Rugged Bunker Box, Rustic Covered Bridge, Log Cabin, New England Barn, House and Planter Mailbox, Seaside Lighthouse, Model A Ford, Big Yellow School Bus, Earth-Moving Bulldozer, Autmun Sky, Victorian Fruit Splendor, Boxes for every Season

House-mounted mailbox projects: Oversized House Mounted Box, Herb-Lover's Garden, Provencal Whimsey, Privy Mailbox, Mosaic Melange

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