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Residential Construction Resources - Homebuilding, Custom Design, Home Improvement & Home Repair

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Building Construction Illustrated, 4th Edition by Francis D. K. Ching
Building Construction Illustrated

Includes more than 1,000 illustrations and moves through each of the key stages of the design process, from site selection to building components, mechanical systems, and finishes.

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The B4UBUILD.COM team regularly reviews and catalogs other Web sites looking for those that provide quality information, of specific interest, for people planning, building, buying, repairing or remodeling a home. By providing links to some of the most informative residential design and construction related Web sites in the world, we hope to be able to save our visitors time and trouble locating reliable information for their homebuilding, design, renovation, addition, repair and/or home improvement projects.

Click on the links to the right to gather information before you build a new home or remodel an existing house. You may also want to visit our Book Store, read some book reviews and then head to your local library to "check them out" for yourself. If you are looking for house plans or blueprints, our Plan Center will help you search through more than 12,000 house, barn, shed, garage and playhouse plans. Should you still not be able to find specific information, try looking in our Lost & Found. There you will find links to search engines, building indices, newsgroups, as well as, a few tips and tricks that just might help you find information a little faster.

As more and more businesses develop an on-line presence, the World Wide Web is expanding at an unbelievable rate. The good news is that it is now easier than ever to research your construction project and gather detailed information before you build. The bad news is that with so much information available on-line, working your way through potentially thousands of search engine results in order to find a particular Web site that contains the specific information for which you are looking can be very time consuming.

While we cannot guarantee nor be responsible for anything that you may find on other sites, a knowledgeable expert has reviewed each of the Web sites to which we provide a link prior to adding it to our catalog. Quality and quantity of information provided, popularity of subject area, site design, and overall ease of use are all factors that we consider when selecting the limited number of sites to which we are able to link at this time.

Note: If you have been directed to this page by a search engine you can use the Find feature (Ctrl + F) supported by most browsers to locate your keyword(s) on any given page.



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Contractors & Suppliers

  • The Electronic Blue Book - The on-line version of the popular construction directory. Find architects, engineers, suppliers, contractors, and manufacturers. Search more than a million businesses or add your company to their list.
  • Sweet's Group - The on-line version of the popular building product information catalogs that have been around for decades. Organized by the 16 divisions of construction, manufacturers pages contain addresses, phone numbers, and Web page links.

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Critters & Pests

  • U-Spray, Inc. - If you have a critter problem, this do -it-yourself pest control company in Lilburn, Georgia probably has a "solution" for you. Bat house kits, live animal traps, chemical sprays, baits, and the best pest control articles I have found on the Web.

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  • American Bar Association - The ABA is "the largest voluntary professional association in the world." (All the more reason to consult a lawyer before you sign a construction agreement;-) In addition to information about hiring a lawyer, there are some good real estate and construction related reference materials, including a section called "Buying or Selling a Home."
  • Canadian Bar Association - The CBA is "the essential ally and advocate of all members of the legal profession; it is the voice for all members of the profession and its primary purpose is to serve its members; it is the premier provider of personal and professional development and support to all members of the legal profession; it promotes fair justice systems, facilitates effective law reform, promotes equality in the legal profession and is devoted to the elimination of discrimination; the CBA is a leading edge organization committed to enhancing the professional and commercial interests of a diverse membership and to protecting the independence of the judiciary and the Bar." (Sounds like a lawyer might have had something to do with the description;-)
  • International Bar Association - The IBA is comprised of individual lawyers, Bar Associations, and Law Societies from around the world, including the American Bar Association, the German Federal Bar, the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, the Law Society of Zimbabwe and the Mexican Bar Association.
  • American Arbitration Association - "Arbitration is the voluntary submission of a dispute to a disinterested person or persons for final and binding determination." Everyone hopes that things won't get to this point, but when time, money, and emotions all get into the mix, anything is possible from either party. An arbitration clause is standard in many construction agreements. However, depending upon your individual situation, arbitration may be better for the other party if something major should go wrong during the term of the construction agreement. This site is worth investigating.

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  • American Lighting Association - Trade association representing businesses involved in residential lighting. Link to lighting manufacturers or your nearest ALA Showroom. They offer brochures by mail explaining kitchen, bath, and landscape lighting. The on-line brochure titled "Lighting Your Life" is a very good overview of the various options for lighting your home or workspace.

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  • StreetPrint - Hot mix asphalt concrete (blacktop) that looks like brick, slate, or cobblestone. Texture the pavement for an entire driveway or just a special accent area with this unique process.

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