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DIY Construction Videos: Homebuilding, Home Improvement, Building Renovation & Repair

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948)
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948)

Our favorite "homebuilding" movie — more than 60 years after this movie was made and some things still haven't changed. Pssst... it might be better to watch this After You Build;-)

Building With Awareness - The Construction of a Hybrid Home
Building With Awareness

The Construction of a Hybrid Home

My House, Your House - A Guide to Inspecting Your Home Purchase with Kenneth R. Tabak
My House Your House

A Guide to Inspecting Your Home Purchase

Sanding And Finishing Hardwood Floors with Don Bollinger
Sanding And Finishing Hardwood Floors

A Fine Homebuilding DVD Workshop

Building Decks DVD with Scott Schuttner
Building Decks DVD

with Scott Schuttner

Installing Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops: with Tom Law
Installing Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

A Fine Homebuilding DVD Workshop

Concrete Countertops DIY featuring Fu-Tung Cheng
Concrete Countertops DIY

(Instructional DVD) featuring Fu-Tung Cheng

Kitchen and Bath Laminate Countertops 101
Kitchen & Bath Laminate Countertops 101

That's How We Build A House - Click Here
That's How We Build A House

Best children's video of the year
- Parenting Magazine
Also available in VHS format

House Construction Ahead
House Construction Ahead DVD

Finishing a Basement with Dean Johnson and Robin Hart
Finishing a Basement

Hometime How-To Video Guide with Dean Johnson & Robin Hart

Concrete Secrets: Driveways and Sidewalks by James Belville
Concrete Secrets: Driveways and Sidewalks

Videos 4 Kids

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Here is a collection of "how-to" videos and DVD's that you may find helpful for your next construction, home repair, and/or home improvement project. Many of these video titles are in the process of being converted to DVD format, which is starting to make them difficult to find in the older VHS versions. So, if you are unable to find the video format you prefer, you may want to check your local public library to see if the title you would like to view is available there.

You may also want to check Amazon Unbox Movie and TV Downloads. The home design and home improvement categories are a little sparse at the moment, but more titles are being added.


Fine Homebuilding Videos & DVD


Positive Home Solutions DVD

  • Floors and Ceilings - Hardwood Floors, Vinyl Floors, Ceramic Tile Floors, Suspended Ceilings, Ceiling Tiles
  • Exterior Projects - Building Garages, Building A Deck, Installing a Shingle Roof, Installing a Garage Door Opener, Installing a Lockset and Deadbolt, Installing a Door Threshold, Using and Air Compressor and more...
  • Plumbing and Electricity - Installing New Plumbing, Installing New Electrical, Electrical Repairs and Replacement, Plumbing Repairs and Replacement
  • Kitchen Remodeling - Removing Cabinets and Appliances, Installing Drywall, Installing Cabinets and Appliances, Removing Walls, Plumbing and Electrical
  • Basic Home Remodeling - Installing Skylights, Choosing the Right Carpeting, Interior Paint and Wallpaper, Interior Projects, Interior Wood Refinishing, Attic Conversion
  • Wall Treatments - Interior Painting, Wallpaper, Drywall, Paneling
  • Buying and Selling Your Home - Preparing Your Home for Sale (Cleaning, Decorating, Packaging, Landscaping, etc.), Inspecting a House Before Buying (Inspecting Floors, Roofing, Appliances, Basements, Attics, Garages, the Neighborhood, Windows, etc.)
  • Woodworking I - Building Cabinets, Building Tables, Building Bookshelves
  • Woodworking II - Turning bowls, wooden boxes, towel and cassette racks, building a hexagon picnic table and a planter, choosing molding stock, installing baseboard, installing chair rails, installing crown molding, cutting, assembling, and finishing picture frames.


Hometime® Videos - Featuring Dean Johnson and Robin Hart


This Old House Videos - Featuring Steve Thomas, Norm Abram, Tom Silva

  • Ask This Old House - The Complete First Season - Home improvement questions answered by the experts at This Old House. (4 video set)
  • This Old House: A Dream House - Renovating a 1724 Colonial farmhouse and barn located outside of Boston. Projects include creating the "ultimate cook's kitchen," landscaping with help from The Victory Garden team, a dream workshop custom-designed by Norm, the restoration of a classic post-and-beam barn, a home gym, state-of-the-art media room, and a fully-stocked wine cellar. (4 video set - 9.5 hours)
  • This Old House: Billerica, Massachusetts - Rebuilding Dick and Sandra Silva's 50-year-old Cape home, which was destroyed in a five-alarm fire. (4 video set - 9 hours)
  • This Old House: Santa Barbara, California - Building an addition on a tiny 1907 Craftsman-style bungalow. (2 video set - 3.5 hours)
  • This Old House: Key West, Florida - Renovating an 1866 Conch captain's house (2 video set - 3.5 hours)
  • This Old House: Watertown, MA - Renovating an 1886 Queen Anne Victorian style house in the Boston suburb of Watertown. (5 video set - 9 hours)


Debbie Travis Videos


Martha Stewart Videos

More Construction and Building Design Videos

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