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Welcome to the our Special Features section. Here you will find links to articles, current events, new products, reports, research projects, and other special features related to residential construction and custom home building.

Gutter guards and screens - what works?

Our current project is a review of various types of gutter leaf guards and screens. Over the next several months, we will be installing, testing, and watching others install, various gutter protection products. The review period will run through fall, winter, and into spring so we can monitor how effective the various products are at dealing with different types of tree liter and weather conditions.

The first phase of this project will be to install various products on test homes in wooded areas. We will be commenting on pricing, availability, ease of installation, contractor versus homeowner installation, and product warranties. Preliminary tests of each system will be done using a garden hose and artificially placed leaves, pine needles, and other types of tree debris. While we acknowledge that this first test may not represent nature, it will provide a means to create somewhat consistent conditions on which to base an initial evaluation.

Over the course of the testing period, we will be providing updates documenting how each product performs under the actual effects of autumn leaves, winter snow and ice, spring flower drop, and heavy rainfall. Our goal is to provide a thorough review of every product we test and accurately report the results, so that our visitors will be able to make an informed decision as to what product might work best for them.

The following links will take you to the Web sites of the products which are currently in the process of being reviewed or have been scheduled for review:

We would also like to get your input. If you are the manufacturer of a product that you would like us to test, or you have installed a product yourself on which you would like to comment, please tell us about it so we can add it to our review.

PS - Updates to our gutter guard reviews have been postponed while we implement a major site update. Please check back this summer for more information.

Thank you for your patience and your support of the B4UBUILD.COM website!

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