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Home Builders Association of Maryland Builder Mart 1998

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This booth, by Marble Source, Inc., won a blue ribbon for their display that included a granite countertop and a broken granite back splash. The mirror located on the wall under the cabinets adds visual depth and reflects available light to create a well lit kitchen work space.

Granite is a durable material that is currently very popular for use on countertops, floors, and walls. Notice also that the cabinets on the right are intentionally finished differently to offer visitors another sample of their work.

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The Hearth and Home display included this cut-away view of a typical zero clearance fireplace installation. FSK 25 foil faced insulation is being shown around the rear vented flue pipe because it is rated for this type of application. This type of insulation is often used to insulate unfinished basements and attics because the foil facing can be left exposed. It is much less flammable than standard kraft faced fiberglass batts.

The metal fireplace itself is adaptable to many installations since it vents immediately above and to the rear of the fireplace, minimizing the space needed for the flue pipe. The gas logs can be connected to natural gas or liquid propane and look surprisingly realistic when "burning". An optional remote control device is available so you can pretend you are a famous secret agent, as you close the curtains and light the gas burner while you are relaxing in the comfort of your round bed that rolls out from the secret wall panel.

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The deep sea fishing setup in this booth was a big hit. Designed like the stern of a large fishing boat, fisherman where given a salt water fishing rod and reel. They could choose to sit in the chair and strap themselves in, or they could stand on the rear deck and fight the huge marlin that appeared on the big screen television. The fishing line was attached to a mechanism that controlled the tension based upon the actions of the fish on the monitor.

I didn't get to try this one out. Sure hope they have it again next year - it might be the only chance I will ever get to go fishing in the ocean without getting sea sick.

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