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The Gutter Guard Products We Are Testing

Rainhandler Rain Disperser

The next product we will be installing is called RainhandleR from Savetime Corporation in Bridgeport, Connecticut. I have seen it advertised for many years in the card packs that builders are sent. I have always wanted to see how it works, but just never got around to ordering any. It is a unique product that takes the place of gutters when it is not necessary to collect and divert rainwater. It supposedly turns concentrated roof runoff back into "rain" to minimize damage to plants and soil while dispersing the water about 2 to 4 feet beyond the drip line of the roof. It may not be suitable for all applications, but if it proves to work as well as they claim, I have already thought of several houses where it could be installed to solve some problems. Look for more information about RainhandleR soon.

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