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Silt fence for sediment control

This silt fence is part of the sediment control plan for this residential construction site. Checking to see that an approved construction entrance and all sediment control devices have been properly installed is frequently part of the footing inspection. On a large site, the costs to install and maintain silt fence and other sediment control devices can be a sizable expense that needs to be included in your construction budget.

The fence consists of woven filter fabric attached to oak stakes. The fabric is designed to contain muddy runoff from the site long enough for the silt to be filtered out as the water slowly flows through the fence.

The easiest way to install long sections of silt fence is to rent a trenching machine to dig a trench the length of the fence. The bottom of the fabric is placed into the trench and covered with dirt so water cannot flow freely under the fence. Notice how the last stake of one section is interlocked with the first stake of the next section. This overlap helps contain any runoff at the intersection of two sections of silt fence.

A properly installed silt fence and a clean access road both go a long way toward good relations with your new neighbors.

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