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Purchase the Microsoft Project® Construction Scheduling Template

Price: $20.00 (USD)

Payment Options: PayPal, Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express


Note: There is a newer version of this form, hosted by FastSpring our payment processing and order fulfillment provider, which provides a download link for the template file shortly after your payment is processed. Please click the following link to access that updated order form:


PLEASE READ THIS PARAGRAPH BEFORE ORDERING: These files require special project management software. They can only be read using Microsoft Project or project scheduling software designed specifically to read .mpp files produced by Microsoft Project. Before purchasing this template, please test the sample file(s) so you know they will open with the scheduling software you are using. If you are not sure, please read (or read again more carefully;-) the information on the sample file download page - where you will also find a list of open source scheduling software, in the right hand column, which you can download and try for free.

This complete working version contains 36 top level tasks incorporating 197 individual line items, each of which is assigned a duration in days, predecessors, starting date, finish date, and resource names - as shown in the table view on this page. You will of course need to modify the template to match the unique details of your specific project(s).

The template file will be sent to you by E-mail in Microsoft Project Plans (.mpp) format. While most orders are processed within an hour of your payment, depending upon the time of day and your location in the world, it may take 12 to 24 hours for your order to be sent. Please see the Expected Delivery Times section below for order processing details and holiday schedules.

As a Maryland business, we are required to collect sales tax, on behalf of the state, for "certain software" sold to Maryland residents. However, when advised by a tax expert that the definition of taxable software "depends" upon the specific type of "software" and the specific method of delivery (for example: a file versus a program, a digital download or an e-mail attachment, and/or a digital file on a physical disk sent via the U.S. Postal Service) we decided it was in our best interest not to risk running afoul of a law based upon a legal definition that appears to be difficult to clearly define. Unfortunately, until we get a clear and simple definition as to what type of software and delivery method(s) are taxable, we are not able to sell our Microsoft Project template files to anyone who provides a Maryland address on the accompanying order form.

DOUBLE CHECK YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS: Software orders are delivered via email. Please double check the email address you provide during checkout and look for a confirmation email message upon completion of your transaction. If you do not receive a confirmation email, send a message to so that we have your correct email address.

EXPECTED DELIVERY TIMES: All software orders are processed by a human being, who is notified of orders by email from our credit card processing service providers. While that human being makes every effort to email the files to you within a few minutes of your payment confirmation, he does occasionally need to sleep, and eat, and shovel snow and... Accordingly, and depending upon what time it might be in your part of the world, please allow up to 12 hours for your software order to arrive in your Email. On rare occasions, this person also takes Saturdays and/or Sundays off, meaning it could take up to 48 hours for orders placed on weekends to be processed.

Thank you for your patience and your support of the B4UBUILD.COM Web site!


Sorry for yelling, but no matter how often we say it, some people still buy this Microsoft Project template and wonder why it won't work in their spreadsheet or word processing programs. While we do offer refunds – less bank charges and/or processing fees – for those who make this mistake, there has never been a single case where the files we delivered would not open in software that was able to read the sample files.

Since we are charged a processing fee when a purchase is made with a credit card or a PayPal account, and another processing fee when a refund is applied, the costs of all applicable third party charges will be deducted from any refunds. Should you make the decision to order specialized software files that you have not tested and might be unable to use, we will refund your purchase price less all applicable third party fees we incur as a result of that negligence. You will not be charged for the time we spend correcting your mistake.

So, in an honest and sincere effort to save you and us some time, money and aggravation, here it is one last time...

The files being offered are NOT stand-alone products. They will work with Microsoft Project versions through Project 2013 and they might work with specific versions of other scheduling software. However, they are intended primarily for use by professional contractors and project managers who already own a copy of Microsoft Project. The files CANNOT be opened with Microsoft Excel® or Microsoft Word® or Microsoft Power Point® or WordPerfect® or or any other software that is not specifically intended for managing project schedules. These files can only be opened with Microsoft Project, or another scheduling program that is able to read MPP, MPT, and/or MPX file formats.

If you were unable to open any of the sample files on the previous page, and/or you do not have Microsoft Project installed on your computer, and/or you are not familiar with the file formats being offered, please do not purchase these files.

If you would rather not use a credit card, you may send a check or money order payable to B4UBUILD.COM in the amount of $20.00 (USD) to:

10 Owl Branch Lane
Parkton, MD 21120-9522

Please be sure to include your email address in your correspondence so that the file may be sent to you over the Internet. Should you have any questions or need more information, please contact us.

Please note, at the present time, we are not able to sell this template to Maryland residents by check or by credit card.



Good luck with your project, thank you for visiting B4UBUILD.COM and have fun building!


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