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  Define a custom home

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What is a Custom Home?

How "custom" does a house have to be before it may be called a "custom home"?

The word custom has several different meanings and there are even more interpretations of the word as it relates to home building. Builders and homeowners do not always agree.

Here are some of the "custom" responses we have received to this survey. What is your definition?

Builder:   Patrick Hagan - Hagan & Hamilton - Timonium, Maryland, USA

Description:   A Custom Home is a single residence which has been designed and planned prior to construction to meet the specific needs of it's owner.

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Homeowner:   Alex Brown - Montpelier, Vermont, USA

Description:   A house designed by an architect or design/build contractor to meet spatial, structural and aesthetic criteria developed largely by the homeowner and secondarily by the designer.

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Homeowner:   Brad Kendall - Pocatello, Idaho, USA

Description:   A home built to the home owners specifications, meeting the quality of the home owner standards, beyond the standard building codes.

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Builder:   Bob Nettleton - Nicholas Custom Homes, Inc. - Castle Rock, Colorado, USA

Description:   A site and customer specific design constructed with high attention to quality and detail.

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Homeowner:   John Seidel - Chestertown, Maryland, USA

Description:   A house designed around the needs and desires of a specific individual(s); departing in some major ways from standard plans, or designed completely from scratch for the customer.

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Homeowner:   Lise David - Montréal, Québec, Canada

Description:   For me a custom home is a house that we could build according to one specification.

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Homeowner:   Scott Susman - Churchville, Maryland, USA

Custom Home Description:   A home that is designed with input from the customer

Customized Home Description:   A home which has a design basis already established and is able to be modified, in certain respects, by the customer.

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Owner/Builder:   Ben Atteberry - Carson City, Nevada, USA

Custom Home Description:   Designed/built with specific needs of a particular occupant

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Homeowner:   Anonymous - New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Description:   24 / 7 for the next year of my life!

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